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Completely custom travel experiences to the Himalayas.

Both weddings and travel should be transformative, magical times in people’s lives. At Gypsy Ātman, we believe these times can lead to your life being altered for the better. However, to ensure they do alter your life—give you a new perspective or a new bond—they have to be well-planned. Our team is filled with people who have firsthand knowledge about the most meaningful places for weddings and for travel. We hope when you look back on the memories of the times that we help you plan, you carry them with you as a source of inspiration, that you use them to constantly recommit to bringing love and wellbeing into the world. Please contact us for a consultation. Let us help you plan your transformative experience.


After our founder, Riri, underwent a spiritual transformation, she changed her approach to wedding and event planning. She had noticed that sometimes in the midst of huge weddings the couple getting married were overwhelmed and stressed out and unable to focus on the true meaning of the ceremony. Our weddings, both the micro weddings and destination weddings, will be individually customized, so during the ceremony, the couple, and their families, will be content and wholly present for the life-changing commitment they are making. In accordance with the foundational principles of Gypsy Ātman, we strive to plan ceremonies and events that bring a deeper awareness and spiritual understanding to a marriage. Since our team is a mixture of people from the East and the West, we seamlessly merge the two cultures to create truly memorable experiences. Once we get to know you and your individual needs, our team will help you plan a ceremony and place that will enhance the commitment you and your partner are making. If water is significant to you, maybe you want to have a beachside wedding. Maybe mountains have symbolic meaning, and you would like to plan a wedding in the Himalayas or the Rockies. Whatever is important to you and your partner, we will listen and plan an intimate, special event for you both. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a get-to-know-you talk.


When traveling, there are a multitude of options available. However, we want to help you by customizing a spiritually significant trip. Someone at Gypsy Ātman will speak with you about what’s going on in your life and what you think you might need. Then, we will develop the best travel plan for you. For example, we can arrange yoga programs in Rishikesh, a visit to Gangotri or Kedarnath, Panchakarma in Kerala, trekking in Himachal. Based on your needs, your budget, your time constraints, we will plan the perfect trip. So you won’t have to worry about the small stuff and can focus on your spiritual wellbeing. Contact us today, and let us get to know you and your needs.

Please note we plan all our weddings, events, and trips in adherence to COVID safety guidelines and regulations.

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What Can We Help With?

Micro Weddings

We plan small, intimate ceremonies for a close-knit group of family and friends.

Events and Excursions

We arrange excursions for your guests, such as skiing or trekking. We can coordinate other events in addition to your ceremony, such as a welcome dinner or a brunch.

Destination weddings

We book your travel, hotels, and work with both local and overseas vendors to create the perfect wedding for you.


We customize a travel plan to suit your needs, budget, and desired activities.

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