Community Partners

Coming together to heal

We’re proud agents of change in the communities with whom we partner. By practicing the yamas and niyamas with local farmers, artisans, guides, and teachers, we walk alongside them on the path of karma yoga.

Women’s Empowerment:

In many Himalayan households, the women run the household in addition to being its sole financial support. We partner with a number of women’s self-help groups to support these women to increase their income and thrive.

Children’s Well-Being:

In remote villages of the Himalayas, poverty creates conditions, such as lack of basic education materials, which prevent children from receiving a school education. We partner with local groups who alleviate these conditions and empower children through education.

Supporting the Environment:

We’re dedicated to traveling and farming in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. The places we visit and get our products from are in way damaged.

Community Partners

Some of the ways Gypsy Atman supports the local communities to which we travel are:

Women’s Self-Help Groups

We partner with groups like these to connect our guests with the women involved with various small-scale industries. Guests can purchase handmade wovens and learn ancient techniques from the women who carry on these traditional crafts.

Children’s Homes and Schools

We work with local children’s homes and schools that provide free education and other services to children in the regions to which we travel.

Local Farmers

We partner with farmers on our retreats to bring our guests fresh, locally sourced meals and ingredients. This not only supports the local community, but gives our guests the chance to enjoy clean, nutritious meals directly from local farms to our table. Some of our retreats also include farm visits, where you can learn about the local produce grown in the region.

If you are an organization in the mountains

and wish to collaborate with us, contact us!