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Completely custom travel experiences to the Himalayas.

If you’re seeking a completely customized trip to the Himalayas, let Gypsy Ātman curate a custom travel itinerary for you. We use our in-depth knowledge of the best spots in the Himalayas to create an unforgettable trip for your group. Your travel can include private trips for honeymoons, family vacations, homestay experiences, luxury spa vacations, glamping trips, budget backpacking road trips, and community experiences.

How it works

First, get in touch with us to tell us what type of trip you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with.

A glamping or spa trip with your best friends? A backpacking trek through the forests and hills of the Himalayas? A family trip with you and your children? We’ll discuss your timeline, budget, and the experiences you might want to check out during your vacation.

Then, we create a custom itinerary for you that includes everything you’re looking for and help you arrange your trip from start to finish. We know all of the best hotels, spas, local gems, and sites to see in the Himalayas from our many journeys and deep connections to the region.

Travel Concierge Services

What Can We Help With?

Custom Itineraries

We know the best spots in the Himalayas – let us create the perfect itinerary for your dream trip to India.

Local Know-How

Skip the touristy spots and head to the real India – we’ll guide you to our favorite restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, and places to see that are off the beaten path.

Arrange Travel

We’ve flown to India many times and know the best flights, airlines, and transfers to take so that your trip to and from India is easier and more enjoyable.

Something for Everyone

Our travel concierge service is perfect for travelers who want to skip all the research and let us curate a custom itinerary specifically to their unique tastes.

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