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Gypsy Ātman is based on the belief that we’re all travelers seeking our own spiritual journey. The word “gypsy” means traveler, and “Ātman” means soul. Love and compassion are at the core of Gypsy Ātman. Travel with us to the hidden corners of India to travel inward. Find your own spiritual path in the Himalayas through yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, community work, and adventure.

A common thread running through each of our travels and retreats is authenticity. We want to show you the real India, beyond the tourist hotspots: small villages, scenic mountain passes, ancient temples, and organic farms. We have also built principles of wellness into each of our itineraries to help you experience spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Each retreat is a beautiful opportunity for travelers, explorers, artists, and creatives to explore different cultures and immerse themselves in self-learning and creative growth. Our Manali retreat can be an inspiration for outdoor adventurers and art lovers who want to explore the local galleries, or artists dreaming of painting en plein air in the Himalayan sunshine. Our Kumaon retreat is ideal for writers who want to connect to their craft in a peaceful environment. If you wish to immerse yourself into the world of yoga and ayurveda, Rishikesh awaits you. And, if meditating in monasteries and road trips are your thing, nothing can beat our Spiti Valley adventure!

We’re proud to be agents of change in the communities to which we travel. Our community partners include farmers, artisans, and local self-help groups. We practice the principle of Karma Yoga, the path of unselfish action, by giving back to the communities who so graciously host Gypsy Ātman’s guests during our travels.

Riri Patel

My Journey

“Going to the Himalayas felt like coming home. I felt relief; it felt as all-encompassing, unconditional love. The Himalayas have a healing energy. People come here to find answers and go back with their souls satisfied, always calling them back for more. I started travelling to the region after a particularly difficult time in my life, and wanted a change from my fast-paced New York City lifestyle. I needed to do something different and fulfilling with my life. I was tired of the hustle. So I packed my bag, booked a one-way flight, and went offline to find solitude and a deep connection – a way to heal. I started my journey to the Himalayas.”

“Gypsy Atman is an attempt to give people a chance to find the same healing I found, to share my love of the mountains and people, in the hope that those who travel with me can go back happier and lighter.”

– Riri Patel

Time is a destroyer, as well as a healer. I went through a destabilizing time in my life where I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. It destroyed who I was – all my ideas of myself went up in smoke. It was painful and rough. The part of me that I believed to be stable and complete had disappeared. It was a shattering moment to realize that what I had held as a fundamental truth about myself and my life was changeable. That we – all of us – are changeable because we are bound by time.

Despite myself, I made the profoundly wise decision to travel to India. Before this shattering moment, I would never have traveled to India alone. But feeling that I had nothing left to lose, I decided to drastically change my life. My time in India transformed me. Being here, imbibing the culture, the people, the nature, thoroughly restored me – not to my old self, though. I developed a depth in myself that I didn’t know was there, a new self-concept that I hadn’t known was possible.

This did not happen overnight, but it did start and develop in India. I remember the exact moment. I had been trekking for many days and reached a viewpoint of the gorgeous landscape just as the sun was setting. Tears streamed down my face. I had the feeling of being endlessly loved by nature and the universe. I was held by an all-encompassing, blissful feeling. I felt immediately reassured: I knew that all would be okay in my life. No matter what would come my way, I would be okay. I had the gift of trust and faith.

In that moment I also resolved to create a way in which I could help people have the same profound, healing experience that I had. I am not – by profession – a healer but an empath. I deeply feel the pain of others and can help lead those suffering in the direction of self-healing. I know how to provide the setting and environment for real healing to take place. This is my calling, my responsibility, so I have conscientiously created programs that can lead people to the joyous wellspring of the self (ātman).

In the Bhagavad Gītā, there is a powerful passage that calls for the engagement of the wellbeing of all beings. This is my mission. I will keep engaging and positively helping society.

I feel more than qualified to do this from my extensive fifteen-year experience of planning luxury events and weddings around the world. I bring these same skills to Gypsy Ātman and have meticulously crafted each itinerary to be as exciting and rejuvenating as possible. Each place will provide ample opportunities to disconnect from the outside world and help you go inward.

I believe that travel should be compassionate and sustainable and that a place should be left as it is found, if not better. Therefore, I work closely with the locals to ensure that every experience benefits the region and empowers the community.

In addition to my background in planning, I have studied classical Indian dance and music, had four years of Iyengar yoga practice, and am certified in Ayurveda. This diverse knowledge has helped me in selecting the best each field has to offer, so I can help you get the most out of your valuable time.

Our Inspiration

The Inspiration Behind Gypsy Atman

The Place


We pay homage to the divine landscape of the mountains.

The People


Come connect with genuine, like-minded humans.

The Philosophy


Ancient knowledge, ancient healing.

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