Intuitive Healing & Lifestyle Planning

Are you going through a major life change, suffering a mental health issue, or in the middle of a confusing or difficult transition? Do you need a new perspective? Do you need someone to work with you as your life shifts? If yes, contact us.

At Gypsy Ātman, we believe healing starts from within. It isn’t only an individual experience but a collective one. The only way a person can completely heal is when each of his or her loved ones are healed. We are intertwined, woven together in a complex tapestry. And together, we can create something beautiful. This is why we have combined healing with lifestyle planning. We will create something customized for you. Your unique plan will create deep inner growth and healing. This will energetically radiate out into larger, communal healing. So, take the first step to heal yourself and your community using our non-clinical approach, which combines traditional and contemporary practices. They are designed to work together holistically to introduce a wholesome change of lifestyle.

How we work

Some of our non-clinical, holistic approaches include:

Practicing āsanas helps root you firmly within your true self. You will stand, sit, twist, and bend, but most importantly you will learn to heal from within.

Nāda yoga
Using sound unites you with true yourself. The proper use of external sounds focuses you on your inner sound. This creates inner stillness, calm, and healing.

Mantra Yoga
Constantly repeating a mantra calms an overactive mind. You learn to both audibly and silently repeat a mantra so you can use the mantra anywhere. This repetition both soothes and heals a racing mind and body.

Practicing a variety of breathing practices focuses you in the present moment. You will work with your inhalations, exhalations, and breath retentions. This keeps you alert, refreshed, and able to make clearer decisions.

Practicing meditation helps you quiet the mind and develop deeper states of awareness, focus, and concentration. The more relaxed and focused you are, the more visible the correct choices are.

Using this ancient discipline helps you analyze a health problem and its causes. You develop a means of overcoming that problem. You also learn how to better prevent disease and maintain your optimal-level of physical and mental health.

Our future events will include things like:

– Ayurveda workshops
– Yoga classes
– Meditation workshops
– Conversations over vegetarian/vegan food
– Conversations with different spiritual leaders and wellness guides

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Nutrition Plan

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Intuitive healing and lifestyle planning

It doesn’t matter the life transition you are going through. Whether it is a breakup, depression, a feeling of sadness, emptiness, or powerlessness, we listen and help you create an actionable, life-changing plan. This non-clinical approach includes practices, such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, Āyurveda, dance, and sound healing. We check in with you once a week and see how you are doing with our recommended professionals.

Ready to heal with us?

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