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Our Retreats

Gypsy Atman hosts unforgettable, soul-changing retreats in the heart of the Indian Himalaya.

Planned with the utmost attention to detail, our retreats are designed to allow you to restore, rejuvenate, and experience the best of India.

Rishikesh, Uttarakand: Visit the Yoga Capital of the World

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Rishikesh is a spiritual destination for soul-seekers who want to experience a calming, recharging retreat in an ancient region where sages and yogis have meditated for centuries. Our Rishikesh retreat is focused on Ayurveda, spirituality, yoga, and healing.

Kinnaur & Spiti: The Land of Fairytales and Adventure

Dates: Coming up soon

This retreat is designed for travelers who want a work, social media, and lifestyle detox. We’ll travel a region between India and Tibet that is filled with sweeping landscapes dotted with llama herds, mountain ranges, and frozen lakes. See the “Land of Fairytales” for yourself as we journey through scenic Shimla, unexplored Kinnaur, and adventure-filled Spiti.

Kullu Manali: Experience the Best of Nature and the Arts

Dates: Coming up soon

This retreat is ideal for guests who want to revive their ātman in a beautiful corner of India filled with waterfalls and forests. Manali is for people seeking adventure, who are passionate about learning a different culture, and who are eager to explore rural villages and get to know the local customs.

Kumaon, Uttarakhand: Experience the Ancient Caves and Rolling Farmlands

Dates: Coming up soon

This retreat will help guests experience a serene retreat in the rich agricultural farmlands of India, with a focus on the local food, culture, mindful eating, and sustainable living. This less-explored region is bordered on the east by Nepal and on the north by Tibet and is covered in picturesque hills, charming villages, and beautiful floral plantations.